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21 January 2007

Bose-Einstein Condensate runs circles around magnetic trap

From PhysOrg.com [first published: September 07, 2005]

Physicists at the University of California, Berkeley, have the universe's coldest substance running in circles.

The UC Berkeley team has created a Bose-Einstein condensate of rubidium atoms and nudged it into a circular racetrack 2 millimeters across, creating a particle storage ring analogous to the accelerator storage rings of high energy physics. This ring, the first to contain a Bose-Einstein gas, is full of cold particles at a temperature of only one-millionth of a degree above absolute zero, travelling with energies a billion trillion times less than the particles in a high-energy storage ring.

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[Image]: This 180-millisecond time-lapse movie shows a Bose-Einstein condensate circling in a magnetic trap as the blob of supercold gas spreads out into a beam.
— Deep Gupta / UC Berkeley

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